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United States
Panda Emoji-31 (Hello) [V2] by Jerikuto Welcome to my gallery!

I am just another artist on the pilgrimage of where I need to go, and if you've stumbled across my profile, then that means our paths have crossed. So let us walk together for a little while, shall we?

My name is Faith, and it is nice to have met you! I have a passion for beauty. It feeds my soul. More that I love are people, BJDs, stories, graphic novels/manga, games, and of course, art.

As for my personality, I am a very forgetful person. I lack necessary observational skills, and to be perfectly honest, I can be dumb sometimes. I'm really not that philosophical at all, because thinking too hard on complex subjects like 'What's the meaning of life?' literally makes me feel down.

Oh, and I'm also horribly bad at puzzles.

But, while I'm not so smart, I'm trying to grow stronger every day. I'm a realistic optimist, and I'm learning how to roll with the punches of life the best that I can. I like being able to help and support others, and it honors me when people confide in me. One thing I hate is being protected in any way; though I'd love to protect others. Many people are worth protecting.
However, despite wanting to be strong and wanting to provide a shoulder to cry on and all that jazz, I am really glad my friends are so supportive. I need their strength, too, sometimes.

One last thing. If you haven't noticed, I like food. A lot.
Donut Pile - Free Icon by etNoir Cherry Cupcake - Free Icon by etNoir Cookie and Cream - Free Icon by etNoir
These delicious foods were baked herself by etNoir, give her a round of applause! Oh, and another thing I love? Stamps! Kudos to the lovely people who made these stamps!

Let's try the impossible! STAMP by Nanaiko True Friendship Stamp by Mirz123 Never Look Back Stamp by Mirz123 Dark Alone Stamp by Mirz123 Mean People Stamp by Mirz123 Books are Magic Carpet Stamp by Mirz123 My Own World Stamp by Mirz123 Not-there-yet by Mirz123 Stand Up - Stand Alone Stamp by Mirz123 Dreams Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Forgetful by prosaix Sleep is Overrated Stamp by Mirz123 Daydreamer Stamp by Mirz123 I Love Writing Stamp by Mirz123 ARK Support Stamp by Mirz123 Random Kind Comment Stamp by Mirz123 Rainbow Tears Stamp by Mirz123 Stamp: The Future Belongs to by Southrobin Evrythng Will Be Okay Stmp+PLZ by Mirz123 :thumb430581510: Stamp: Never too small by Southrobin Online friends stamp by Suyy Mature Critique Stamp by Toxic-Decay Motivation Stamp by In-The-Machine Stamp: Good Worth Fighting For by Southrobin Keep Going Stamp by Mirz123 Goatbusters Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp: Practice by MeckelFoxStudio I will never give up by SavannaH09 Sister Stamp by HappyStamp Proud Deviant Stamp by Mirz123

My last words before we part ways, friend?
Life is a gift. At one point we've all wanted a gift receipt, but whatever you do, don't get that receipt. Hold onto life like it is your most precious possession, because it is. Don't worry about the past, don't fret about the future. The past is gone, the future is uncertain, and obsessing about either will take the living out of life. It is the present, not the future or the past, that you are living in now. So make the present good. Enjoy as much as you can. Learn how to be happy, learn how to take care of yourself, because I promise you, you're worth it. Believe and hope, because that is what fuels the joy of the present. Know that there is a reason for your existence, and that things will get better if you keep on walking. Live.
Thank you for walking with me, beautiful person. <3



Olivia is my imouto-chan, 

So for her I wish for a frying pan,

To defend herself against foes 

And five video games of her choosing,

At which she’ll never be losing, 

Let’s not forget a beautiful red English rose,

And a free anime, romantic and bemusing. 

Oh, for my dearest, sweetest imouto-chan I wish for all the best,

I wish that all she wants and more she’ll get on Christmas day,

I hope that today for her will be blessed,

And that even the famous Santa Claus with his sleigh, 

Will stop by to give her his good wishes

For a happy Christmas, a better new year, and an excellent day. 

I wish for this Christmas on, 

You will never forget how awesome you are. 

This is what I wish for.
Merry christmas, little sister.


Eilidh is a friend dark and dear me, 

But I fear this she will never see,

Yet, then again, she just might. 

So I to Santa Clause plea, 

Her Christmas will be joyful and bright,

Full of the gifts she desires, 

And all the dark anime she requires, 

I wish for her that the day never tires, 

In its aspiration 

To give her an amazing Christmas worthy of her admiration. 

And I wish to humbly present fanart of her favorite show, 

It may not be the best, I know, 

But every line I drew with bursting love in my heart, 

For you are my beloved friend, beautiful, kind and smart.

I wish that from this Christmas on, 

You will never forget how beautiful you are.

This is what I wish for. 

Merry christmas, scottish mistress. 


Aoife is still a young girl, still a little sister,  

But despite how I to dislike kids tend, 

She is my beloved and precious friend,

So she should know that Santa wants her to end, 

This cycle of self-hate. 

She is worth her weight 

In gold and gingerbread and the King’s jewels,

And the only ones who hate her are fools. 

Yet you dislike the precious you?

You have a crew

Of friends who love you, it is true, 

And love is both given and earned,

There’s so many reasons why we love you for you.

I’d tell you all but that would make this poem way too long,

So all I wish for you to remember is that you are as rare, 

As a female canary’s song.  

So all I wish for you to remember is that you are as precious as air. 

So all I wish is for you to have all you want this Christmas day,

All the candy you can eat, all the fun people you can meet, 

I wish that from this Christmas on, 

You will never forget how precious you are. 


Merry Christmas, 

Aoife my friend.



Of all my friends I know you not so well, 

But as sure as a Christmas bell is a bell, 

I know that you are an awesome girl.

You are caring and funny and sassy, 

So I wish that all the ballerinas oh-so-classy, 

Will for you today twirl.

I wish that for this Christmas you will get all you want, 

For as sure as the fact I’m not yet an aunt, 

You deserve it, girl!

I wish that your Christmas, 

Will be filled with light and joy, 

And that Santa will destroy,

Whatever tries to take away your joy. 

I wish that from this Christmas on, 

That we’ll get to know each other much better.

I have enjoyed the chats we did have,

And I hope we’ll have much more in the future! 

Merry Christmas, 

Very-close-friends-to-be (That’s us!)   



So sweet and so professional,

I wish for you a Christmas sensational. 

Cupcakes so very pink,

Tea roses by the dozen,

Happiness overflowing each and every sink, 

And an Intuous by your cousin 

(Or whoever else will give you your Intuous)

We missed you while you were gone,

So here, have your favorite Pokemon.

You are a great friend to us, 

And we’re so happy you’re back.

You deserve a gingerbread snack,

And I wish for you no lack 

Of fun and happiness

This Christmas day.

Have fun, lie back,

And enjoy the Christmas way. 

I wish that from this Christmas on, 

You will never forget how talented you are.


Last but not least, 

Is Sabrina my moirail.

Even the most fierce beast

Would in front of her death glare quail.

So how is she the kindest person I know as well?

No one can tell. 

For this Lion Queen I wish

She gets all she wants served on a dish,

For her I wish all the Homestuck

Characters will wish her luck,

And I wish Carlos and Cecil stop by 

To give her gingerbread cookies and say hi, 

For her Christmas I wish for fireworks,

And great literature works, 

I wish for her to become a shadowhunter,

But most of all, I wish for her an amazing, mind-blowing Christmas day!

I wish that from this Christmas on, 

You will never forget how epic you are.

Merry Christmas, 

My dearest moirail.

So, this is my crappy attempt at poetry. I think the only thing making it worth posting is the fact that I mean every single word. You all are so wonderful, and beautiful, and precious, and I am so blessed and honored to be your friend. I love you all so much my heart really can’t take it. Merry Christmas, everybody, I truly hope you have a magical holiday. 

P.S. Mistress can mean a woman in a position of authority or control, which is what I meant, and also female canaries can’t sing, making one who can really rare.   



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THE NEW ACCOUNT IS :iconthestorytellerlion:
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FAITH!!How was your day?
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Convince me to get fire emblem ;^; I want it but the demo didn't really give the full impact but I know theres more c:
All right. *cracks knuckles*
Fire Emblem Awakening is a game like none other. You will have to play as the Tactician, leading your courageous troops into battle. There are TWO modes; the first is if your units' HP gets depleted, they're wounded, but not dead, and you can use them in the next battle. The second mode is that if one of your units fall in battle…you can NEVER use that unit again. They're dead. Oh Noes 

Speaking of the troops, their personalities are well-developed, charming, and lovable. You will actually care for them, want to keep them all alive. If you fight by the side of one unit often, you will be able to bond with them and have conversations. Depending on your gender, you may be able to marry that unit as your bond becomes as tight as possible and have a kid with them. But your units aren't limited to marrying you. If two units fight often by each other and are of opposite genders, they too can eventually get hitched and have kids. Watching all the different interactions your units can have with each other, be they platonic or romantic, is an absolute highlight of the game, as they really feel like people. 

As for the plot, it is twisty, mysterious, and I have not finished it yet, but it is not boring by any means. (At least, not to me). There's some real time traveling shenanigans and mysterious kids going on, is all I say. 

The gameplay itself is fun; you have to keep in mind your units weaknesses and strengths when you're setting themselves against an enemy. Archers are amazing against flying horses, but have a weakness towards people coming up and slicing them in two with swords I think. I love the tactics involved with battling, as well as the challenge of the battles as the game progresses. You really have to evolve their classes to keep up with the enemies. Oh oh oh oh  

My last words?

CutiePieCiya Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh! wow! Thanks for the long message,it really makes me want to buy it now!
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